Training and Devlopment for you

When you join Ipsos you will have access to all the training and development opportunities you would expect from a world renowned global organisation. Before you start your role with us, you will be able to access online material which tells you the basics about the role that you will be doing. This will be complemented with an assessment and training session delivered locally to you before you join.

Once in the role, each time you move on to a new survey, you will receive either a briefing or training depending on the complexity of the work involved. In addition to this, you will have regular feedback sessions with your region team to discuss your progress. The region team will work with you to identify how you would like to develop your skills in other areas.

We use a variety of training and coaching methods to develop your skills including: online learning, classroom based training, coaching and supervision out in the field. No matter what you want to get out of your career, there will be a development opportunity right for you.